Innokin Coolfire IV TC100


The Coolfire IV TC100 may look familiar, as it shares the same housing at the previous Coolfire IV+, yet it has some serious improvements under the hood.

With this well established high quality construction the TC100 contains a brand new Aethon chipset which, combined with a powerful and long lasting 3300mAh lipo battery, adds power and precision to an already impressive list of functions, setting it firmly in place as the best Coolfire model to date.

  • Ultrafast response – 0.2 seconds from button press to vape
  • TC dry hit prevention
  • Ultra precise coil reading (accurate to 0.00000ohm)
  • Uniform coil heating avoids hot spots
  • Spring loaded gold plated 510 connection pin, stainless steel thread
  • Integrated charging safety protection
  • Very low power consumption when not in use
  • Powered by Innokin’s new Aethon chipset
  • DC noise cancellation for accurate power delivery


The Coolfire IV TC100 has a micro USB socket on the front of the mod for easy charging which supports pass through.

Compatible with a variety of coil types

The Coolfire IV supports temperature control mode for 3 different wire types;

  • Kanthal – wattage mode only
  • Ni200 – temperature control only
  • Titanium – temperature control only
  • Stainless Steel – wattage and temperature control mode

You can select the type of wire you’re using from the easy to use menu.

It’s important that you select the right mode for the type of coil you’re using. If you’re unsure, check the coil or the packaging. Using the wrong setting can damage your coil or cause burning of the wick.

Additional Information